Spider-Man No Way Home Movie Review: Spoiler Warning


Spider-Man No way home was the most anticipated movie of 2021, starring Tom Holland and Zendaya, who has already proven to have great screen chemistry. This movie takes place in New York as Spiderman is back home just going to school like a normal kid….. Unfortunately, not everybody finds out his identity from the next movie. This leads to Peter Parker asking Doctor Strange to cast a spell, so everybody forgets his identity. Still, of course, it messes up, resulting in Spiderman super villains from other movies coming to this marvel universe.  

Spoilers Incoming: As many expected, the Toby Maguire spiderman, as well as Andrew Garfield’s, made debuts alongside Tom Holland to save the world from the ghosts of their past. After seeing this movie, to be honest, Marvel has done a complete 180. Most of their films and content tend to be more on the kid-friendly family safe Disney side. Maybe it’s because I am a 19-year-old boy, but I would have liked to see more pain and suffering as I feel like the final battle scene didn’t have much emotion and the fighting was not excellent. This is a prevalent criticism in the marvel universe as I take you back to the Incredible hulk not being an active participant in the final two Avenger movies. However, this movie did have some good moments as Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman could save Tom holland Mj but could not save Gwen Stacey. I found that scene amazing as I wanted to stand up in the movie theatre.

All in all, my criticisms mainly revolve around their not being enough violence compared to the bad guys who were involved and their potential in terms of fighting. I can admit that I am a marvel nerd and that the average viewer does not care. This movie was, of course, sound, and I highly recommend it to everybody interested in going to see it. I watched this movie in Ontario during the start of the Omicron wave, so I sat in the front row wearing a mask and not eating popcorn which made me laugh, so maybe my low rating is because of that, lol. Comment your opinion on the movie below.

Rating is 8/10

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