Back to School Shopping for a Teenage Boy Part 1


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Back-to-school shopping has indeed stalled this season, with schools across North America being split between online learning as well as in person. However, when you go back to school in person, you want to look as good as possible. This article will discuss fashion choices for young men and what is trendy now. 

Footwear: Recommendations start with simple Nike Air Forces and the traditional classy black vans. I feel that a good shoe style tends to be simpler and better. I also recommend Jordan 1 as they tend to look the cleanest. When it comes to AirJordans, there are a lot of misses, which tend to be the colorway and not the individual style of the shoe.

Pants: Grey sweatpants are definitely in and highly recommended as they are very comfortable and look clean. Any colorway is pleasing, but grey is the way to go. Ripped Jeans are also a cool look but are definitely for the show, and I would not recommend wearing them outside in the cold.

Hoodies are always in big-name branded hoodies, but you don’t need them as they tend to be way overpriced as well as overhyped. Instead, simple outlet stores will sell you suitable affordable hoodies. 

This article was just a quick layout to give you some ideas in part 2 of this article series. I will be doing a $400 shopping challenge and only purchasing items from a single store and giving detailed explanations to each purchase. 

The store chosen for this challenge will be H&M.

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