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This website aims to get students and young adults to write about topics they wouldn't usually be exploring. We at FaircloughMedia think that so many assignments and interesting dialogues take place in educational facilities worldwide that don't get shown. FaircloughMedia will allow students to distribute their work and further discuss topics that wouldn't be explored in traditional class settings. Our purpose for our writers is to give them journalistic work experience and connections with individuals with similar interests and career paths.


Our Writers

Matthew Fairclough

Founder, Wilfrid Laurier Communications & Poltical Science

Founder of Fairclough Media as well as a writer. In the future would love to pursue a career in sport media as well as day time television.

Tara Khail

University of Guelph, Psychology

Passionate about mental health, clinical studies and research.

Ella Jones

University of Ottawa Political Science & Communications 2020-24

I am a dual citizen of both Canada and The United Kingdom. I love learning about poltics,history and international relations. I aim to become a diplomat upon graduation.

Aidan Lehal

Waterloo Engineering 2020-25

Passionate about renewable energy, the automotive industry, and mechanical design.

Puneet Powar

University of Toronto Mississauga, Honors Bachelor of Science with and specialist in computer science and minor in mathematics and statistics

Aspiring software engineer and entrepreneur and hopes to invent and innovate technology that can help progress civilization.

Justin MacPhee

University of Guelph, Marketing Management (Co-op), minor in Entrepeneurship

Aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for music, sports and climate change

Jake Blackwood

Moncton Flight College- Diploma in Aviation Technology (IATP)

An aspiring commercial pilot is currently training at MFC training. Highly passionate in regards to aviation. Dream and soon to be a reality of becoming a commercial pilot and transporting passengers safely around the globe.

Anmol Gill

Wilfrid Laurier Bachelors of Science in Computer Science

I'm looking to build foundational skills in computer science and explore other disciplines with the broad scope of various fields that now require tech roles to find an area in which I would like to apply my knowledge to produce meaningful change and results.

Luke Otter

Sheridan College, Bachelor of Film and Television

I'm a filmmaker passionate about the art of film and all that surrounds it.

Melissa Fairclough

Dalhousie University, Costume and Cinema Studies

Passionate about film history, film theory, historical and contemporary fashion. Aspiring Costume Designer currently working in costume departments for CBC, Netflix and Apple TV+

Curtis Johnson

Brock University Bachelors in Computer Science 2020-24

Game/software developer, aspiring entertainer, passionate about artificial intelligence, framework design, and the future of the video game industry

Eric Wilson

Brock University

A motivated student with a passion for hockey and other sports, aiming to be involved in teaching after graduating, with continued involvement in sports.

Josh Egan

Humber Sports Management Class of 2022

Work in the hockey industry for 7 years. Read my stuff, you'll learn something.

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