Technologies Benefits To Society


The development of technology leads to the development of the modern world. Technological development has allowed those who possess a technical skillset and those without any technical background to lead and live a life of leisure and luxury. With the use of technology, people have been allowed to have access to the entire world, all from the comfort of their own homes. If a person is hungry or wants to buy clothes, they must open their personal computer or turn on their phone and order and pay for whatever they desire. If a person is too lazy to drive constantly, all they must do is press a button, and the vehicle will start driving itself.

 Those with no technological skillset have benefited from technological development by taking advantage of the commodities offered by tech and having the ability to invest in the technological world. People have acquired multiples upon multiples in their investments through the various investing methods. Cryptocurrency, NFT, and the stock market are ways people have chosen to invest their money into technology and, in turn, invest in society’s development. By investing in technology, society has allowed companies to develop various means of entertainment, education, and healthcare, leading to a safer and better community. The investments into technology have allowed the investors to profit and the creators of the specific technologies. Once people invest in a company, they help the company grow and gain traction. This traction allows the technology owners to grow their wealth and grow the functionality of their technology. 

            The evaluation of Microsoft reflects the impact that they and their technologies had and continues to have on the world. Bill Gates has a vast technological skill set and created a piece of technology that benefitted everyone. Bill Gates gained countless investments to get Microsoft off the ground and become a billion-dollar company. By making the Windows operating system, and multiple personal computers, Microsoft created a platform that allowed more and more people to reach websites such as Amazon, Google, YouTube, etc.

    Because of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the possibility for more and more people to have access to any form of educational or entertainment-based resources increased. This increase in personal computers and internet users allowed for the creation and chance for multiple people with technological skillsets to develop and create different technologies that would prove helpful to humanity in many ways. LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many other pieces of software and technologies were developed from the opportunity that Microsoft offered through the Windows operating system.

   The opportunities for a person to generate a massive fortune in the tech industry are endless. Whether you choose to take a high-paying job or you try your luck at creating a piece of technology, a person with a technological skillset is gifted with the ability to help advance humanity. They can solve multiple different problems related to various social issues, all while earning a high income for the products and services they offer.

Technological development in society is the motivation for the development of humanity and a person’s success, allowing a person to try and help fix a global issue and achieve their life goals simultaneously. No one is born with these technological skills. These skills can be taught to anyone willing to learn. Suppose a person is dedicated enough to know and try their best to understand how different technologies work and how one can develop these technologies, either software-based or hardware-based. In that case, that person is inevitably gifting themselves a skill set that will allow them to make lots and lots of money while helping to make the world a better place for everyone in it. 

       These skills will not make sure that you will become a billionaire, but you will be able to push yourself up the social ladder and lead a better life. The benefits of technology are more significant for all people involved. The people creating and developing the tech get richer and richer, but that tech makes the lives of whoever uses it so easy that it is almost taken for granted by most as normal. Ultimately, technology is the catalyst for human development. It can give anyone with or without knowledge about technology and better life and lead them to the lives they want or want to maintain.

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