The emergence of the Internet companies 1990s and connection to course material in their business plans


The emergence of the Internet really hit the mainstream in the early 2000s and late 1990s. During the dot-com bubble, companies like Amazon and Google began to create business plans that would impact the world today. In this assignment, I will discuss how these companies were built using course material and concepts.

Companies like Amazon and Google built advertisement platforms and e-commerce, but to do that, they built on algorithms and knowing what the customer is searching for. This is demonstrated because both companies have search bars, suggested links, and items to get the customer to use their products and services. The first two steps for these companies were to build company platforms and infrastructure to take up market share of the existing market. The infrastructure and platform of these companies were already used to create products on the current service of a search engine and an online realtor. The example would include Amazon Web Services and Google Docs services that their competitors use. Netflix uses AWS and competes with Amazon in the streaming space.

Course content that connects with the Internet is the ability to censor, as Google and Amazon can choose what video, link or product comes up in their search results and websites. This hurts competition and does not give the Internet a free and fair balance economically, politically and socially. In connection to our course, Algorithms and Artificial intelligence also provide these companies power over consumers as there is a lack of transparency, and the customer needs to know why they are seeing the finished product that they are seeing. 

In conclusion, connections to the course and the Internet are Amazon and Google’s ability to build infrastructure and platforms and use artificial intelligence and algorithms to lack customer transparency.

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