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The emergence of the Internet companies 1990s and connection to course material in their business plans

The emergence of the Internet really hit the mainstream in the early 2000s and late 1990s. During the dot-com bubble, companies like Amazon and Google began to create business plans that would impact the...

Spider-Man No Way Home Movie Review: Spoiler Warning

Spider-Man No way home was the most anticipated movie of 2021, starring Tom Holland and Zendaya, who has already proven to have great screen chemistry. This movie takes place in New York as Spiderman...

Back to School Shopping for a Teenage Boy Part 1

Back-to-school shopping has indeed stalled this season, with schools across North America being split between online learning as well as in person. However, when you go back to school in person, you want to...

Ranking The top Drake Albums/Mixtapes

When writing an article like this It’s very important to give background information to the listener. I was born in 2002 so I basically grew up listening to Drake and I am also from Toronto.

Team Canada Olympic Roster Projections

The Canadian men's Olympic hockey team is coming off back-to-back gold medals in 2010 and 2014. The game of hockey has changed significantly since then with an emphasis on speed and skill. This Canadian projected Olympic roster has a whole lot of that in this lineup.

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